Meet our Members

We are a group that have been knit together by and for the love of Christ; with a heart for the Father, his children and the Kingdom of God. Knowing that it is Fathers’ will that ALL will be healed, delivered, sanctified, set free and made whole; transformed into the image of god. We partner with him in bringing this about. Abba’s Arms team members each are committed in sharing the life and love of our Father, his son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. We each have been shown the realities of the tragic horror of child and human trafficking and are lead to aid in the rescue, the recovery, the restoration and the redemption of those that have been lost or stolen.

Brian Kevin Wood

Founding Member

“I am one like you; an everyday man that has a love for bringing to song the messages and stories that will either provoke reflection, thought or better yet a relationship with Abba Father”

Valinda Lynn Wood

Founding Member

“I am a wife, a mother, a grandmother and an entrepreneur. I am an advocate for natural health, medical freedoms and home schooling.I believe in educating people about the existence and horrors of child and human trafficking so that together we can partner with the power and work of the holy spirit to end this evil!”

Thetu Kishoiyan

Advising Member

When my dear friend and Founding Member Valinda L. Wood shared her vision with me I was profoundly unaware of the plight of over 40 million people that are Human Trafficked, 25% of whom are children. I am and was compelled to do something, participate in being a collective voice and patron for these beautiful souls.

Maura Hardman

Advising Member

“For many years, human trafficking was thought of as something that only happened in the movies like ‘Taken”. But the recent global awakening has lifted the scale from my eyes, to see how dire, wide and deep is the cesspool of human depravity. If there ever was a cause to give (one’s all) to, this has got to be it. Link hands with us so that we can withstand the tide together.”